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The seeds of cuisine were sown early on Renu Dalal’s life as she watched her mother, revered chef and household name, Tarla Dalal concoct meals that became her legacy.

With a childhood filled with gourmet meals, Renu, very early on, was inclined towards the culinary arts. After the passing of her beloved mother, she came up with interesting hybrids of everyday vegetarian food.

Chef Tips Fun Facts

  • Check the recipes for the time taken and plan in advance

    Renu Dalal
  • You must have all the ingredients measured and ready with you when you start cooking

    Renu Dalal
  • Remember to wash your vegetables before use if you are not going to cook them

    Renu Dalal
  • For the cold salads. Refrigerate the ingredients and mix the dressing with the salad just before serving.

    Renu Dalal
  • If you cannot get the ingredients mentioned in the recipe, do try and substitute with something similar.

    Renu Dalal
  • If you are making a recipe from a book etc.., do follow the instructions as written in the recipe. Read the recipe fully before you start.

    Renu Dalal


In her first book Modern Vegetarian Recipes her cooking style- a fusion of international flavors laced into typical Indian fare. Her recipes are inventive, easy to follow. All recipes are vegetarian and eggless, using ingredients which are readily available. You can find the likes of Mexican panipuri and Waffle idli delight among other unorthodox pairings, which not only light up your taste buds but also play tricks on your mind.


In her second book Simple & Delicious Vegetarian Recipes she has added beverages and soups to the content list. She has stuck to the theme of easy to follow and creative recipes. The recipes have also been marked as vegan (VG) and/ or gluten free (GF) where applicable. All recipes are vegetarian and eggless. Tasty Black Rice, Pesto Pizza and Poblano Soup are some of the recipes from the book.


Here’s a deep-dive into Renu Dalal’s food philosophy where she adds flare to vegetarian fusion. You’ll find classic recipes with tweaks, techniques with hacks and charismatic cuisine, all in her signature style. 


  • Thank you so much for your book. Wonderful production. Lip-smacking recipes great presentation. I loved the pics very inviting for customers to buy I went through the whole book. Excellent innovation. Well done dear Renu. May you go on your mother’s footsteps and go on to become a great author of cook books and help so many who want to always try something new. Bravo. Kudos to you and I am sure cannot forget my brothers support. Congratulations and our best.

    Radhika Jasani
  • I wanted to let you know how much my family enjoyed the recipes i made from your book which was gifted by Raksha aunty. My son (Siddh) who is 10 years old is fond of cooking and is a foodie is also a big fan of your recipes. The book is so presentable and colourful that he went through the book in five minutes(and was saying mum the best part is font size is big:) images are so tempting and gave me list of dishes to be made out of them have made zoodles, pesto sauce, vegetable burrito bowl, baby potato salad and few more. Desserts are next on the list all these years i have been using your mum Tarla aunty's recipes and now i follow your recipes as well. I and my son have become big fan of your recipes. Looking forward for many more new recipes.

  • Your book is a masterpiece!!! My daughter and wife have already started trying recipes.
    Thank you so much.

    Aveek, General Manager The Gateway Hotel, Athwalines Surat
  • Renu’s cookbook is a gourmet and non gourmets delight. Her easy to make recipes make for yummy delicacies for home or to serve guests. Ingredients required are easy to source making this a must have cookbook for one and all.

    Anand Dalal
  • My father's friend recommended this beautiful book to him. He ordered it for me. I am so glad he did because it is wonderful. The recipes in this book are not just easy to make but are also ready in less than 15 minutes. Most of the ingredients in the book are readily available in the nearest markets. I have tried many recipes from it and every single one has left me in a food coma. Do yourself a favour, grab a copy ASAP and enjoy the homemade gourmet dishes.

    M Shraddha Dinesh Singh
  • Awesome book with varieties of recipes. Easy to make and loved by my kid too. My personal fav is Beetroot patties, Ragi pizza, Chocolate panipuri.

    Priyanka Kurmi
  • A very innovative & unique recipe book with a myriad of easy to get ingredients! The Moong Dal Chilla is mouthwatering & tasty. Some appropriate delicacies for parties and just for a casual meal as well! Wish you all the best for the future as well.

    Shivani Desai
  • Fabulous recipes that can be easily cooked and relished by the family.

    Aishwarya Shridhar
  • Great recipes with simple instruction to make a normal person a master chef.

    Vivek Shah
  • Firstly let me introduce you myself. I am Mrs. Sampada Shah, daughter in law of Mr. Girish Shah and I live in UK with my young family. The purpose I am emailing you is that I was gifted your Modern Vegetarian recipes book by my father in law and was asked to cook and try dishes from your book. I tried cooking Mushrooms in Pesto sauce and must say it was a very tasty dish. My husband and I savoured it in no time. The recipe was very easy and turned out to be a hearty meal. I am afraid I didn't get a chance to take a picture as the dish looked too tempting that we could not wait to dig in. I have read most of the recipes and they seem to be a good fusion of Indo and European dishes. The recipes are very easy and look mouth-watering when served on the plate. Since I am foodie and also a person who likes reading and watching recipe shows, your book is like an inspiration for amateur home chefs like me to try and learn more of simple and tasty recipes. Quick and tasty recipes like yours is the key to tons of smiles at dinner table and a reward to all the efforts taken in the kitchen.



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